The Perfect Man |


Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear, ...

(Perfect Man: Sophie Giraud)

You’ve got to be pretty lame in the love department if your kid has to find you a boyfriend. That’s the premise of this mother-daughter drama, in which Holly (Hilary Duff) creates an imaginary boyfriend based on her friend’s uncle (Chris Noth) for her kooky, relationship-challenged mom (Heather Locklear…and yes, we’re supposed to believe someone who looks like that can’t get a guy). Director Mark Rosman, who is reteaming with his Cinderella Story starlet, was eager to get Duff off the teen beat. ”The first day of dailies the studio was like, ‘Wait. This is a little dark and moody,”’ he recalls. ”We had to remind them this wasn’t just going to be a classic Hilary Duff movie.”