Brian M. Raftery
April 25, 2005 AT 04:00 AM EDT

EW talks with the Doves about their U.S. tour

In order for British bands to make it in America, they have to tour like mad, do lots of early-morning radio, and kill time in places like Pontiac, Mich, Manchester’s Doves — Jimi Goodwin (vocals/bass) and twin brothers Jez (guitar) and Andy Williams (drums) — have been slogging through the States since 2001; they’ll make their biggest trek this spring, playing 17 North American dates (4/30-5/23) in support of their aptly titled third CD, Some Cities, Some stories from the road. . .

Jimi: We met Morrissey in L.A., which was bizarre, ’cause we’re all from [Manchester]. He came to the El Rey gig. The night after, the Strokes were playing in L.A. and we all went. He’s a nice guy. Very shy. Andy: We’ve never been into going to the [Playboy mansion] grottoes to drink cocktails or anything. But then, we’ve never been Invited.

Jimi: It was about 8 a.m., 90 miles from Phoenix in the baking heat. We’re asleep, and the U-Haul trailer comes detached. The driver looks over and thinks, ”That’s a bit funny. That looks like our traller, and it’s passing us.” He nearly ran into it. It crashed into this cactus in the middle of the desert, and we had to leave an amp there.

Jez: We did the Guinness Oysterfest. I slipped and fell on my back. I got up and kept playing because I was embarrassed. I fractured it and hobbled around for two weeks. Jimi: I was having a cigarette, and these guys were talking to these girls: ”Who’s on later?” ”Some English guys called Doves. They suck.” I nearly pissed myself laughing.

Jez: This DJ got really shirty [translation: angry] with us. Jimi made a comment like ”Oh yeah, It’s really packed out here.” He took offense and had a go at us—”f—ing limeys” and all that. Jimi: I don’t remember that! Jez: Well, he didn’t say ”f—ing.” Jimi: Did we not give it back to him? Jez: We tried, but he had a big microphone. He got the last word.

Jimi: We’ve only done one radio festival?eighth on the bill, behind f—ing Stickelback, Nickelback, whatever they’re called. One promo guy had the audacity to say, ”They’re gonna love you out there. It’s Jam-packed!” It was 1 p.m. There were six people. It was like Spinal Tap and the puppet show, Andy: We pulled the car up to the stage so we could get out right away.

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