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Gillian Flynn
May 09, 2005 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Which shows had a great premise but didn’t pan out?

Which shows do you think had a great premise but didn’t pan out, and which shows with horrible premises actually worked? — Shauna McMunn
The WB’s Jack & Bobby has gotten mired in family and social drama, and hasn’t teased its unique premise — this kid’s gonna be president! — nearly enough. Fox’s Millennium, Chris Carter’s follow-up to The X-Files, should’ve been an eerie vessel for all our century-end angst back in ’96. Lance Henriksen as an agent who can see killers’ thoughts? The countdown to Armageddon? I was in, but Millennium rarely matched its disturbing, inspired opening-credit visuals. Conversely, I was deeply scornful of the Analyze This rip-off I thought HBO’s The Sopranos would be (a show that’s worlds richer than its logline). Then there’s the perplexing trend of setting shows in places no one wants to be: Who knew a bunch of oddball Taxi drivers would make a cab terminal so fun? Of course, we must then consider NBC’s LAX — which was just as tedious as spending an hour in an airport.

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