Actors who sing: Which ones really rock |


Actors who sing: Which ones really rock

As Juliette Lewis releases a punk album and Jada Pinkett Smith prepares for Ozzfest, we rate a recent crop of thespians taking the mic

Juliette Lewis
Image credit: Juliette Lewis: Wattie Cheung / Camera Press / Retna

Juliette Lewis

Actors Who Sing: Juliette Lewis

BAND Punk quintet Juliette & the Licks

ALBUM You’re Speaking My Language, 2005 (EW Grade: C)

SOUNDS LIKE… Patti Smith caterwauling over danceable, Blondie-esque beats and Ramones-influenced riffs.

THE LOWDOWN Though Lewis seems passionate about her music and has a crazy live show (complete with Iggy Pop-like dancing and skin-tight costumes), EW’s Marc Weingarten says the former Cape Fear star has ”an unintentionally amusing movie-star ego… with all of the requisite posturing and nary a trace of self-aware wit.”

MEMORABLE LYRIC ”Money in my pocket/ Settin’ fire to a second-rate dream/ Cash it or check it/ You gotta change that dead red light to mean green.” (”Money in My Pocket”)

DOWNLOAD THIS The title track, though far from original, is somewhat catchy.

Originally posted May 20 2005 — 12:00 AM EDT


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