Gilbert Cruz
May 23, 2005 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Saturday Night Live alum Morgan adds to his oeuvre the voice of a Satchel Paige doll in Are We There Yet?

Why did you get asked to play a bobblehead?

My voice is very distinct. People hear Tracy Morgan’s voice and they know Tracy Morgan right off the bat, because I’ve been in their homes for so many years.

On his commentary, director Brian Levant says they chose you over an older actor because you gave the film a hipper vibe. Are you hip?

That sounds accurate. They wanted less of an uncle figure and more of a brother or homeboy.

Everyone in the movie gets a blooper reel but you. Did that piss you off?

No, why would I be pissed off? I’m not temperamental, no way.

What’s your favorite voice-over performance?

Eddie Murphy as the donkey [in Shrek]. Eddie’s talented. Eddie’s funny. Eddie’s like the master.

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