The Twins of Tribeca

Genre: Fiction; Author: Rachel Pine; Publisher: Miramax

Harvey and Bob Weinstein, Miramax founders and perennial tabloid fodder, have reputations as big as any movie star: They’re brassy and bossy, but have the Midas touch when mining for Oscar gold. But they deserve no applause for publishing this supposed ”tell-all” novel — The Twins of Tribeca — by a former publicist, Rachel Pine. In it, naive movie lover Karen Jacobs lands her dream job at Glorious Pictures, run by bullying twin brothers, only to realize that a girl could lose her sparkle when she’s constantly being screamed at. The dirt is thinly veiled, but anorexically thin: A Robert De Niro-ish character doesn’t like to talk in elevators, a Gwyneth Paltrow type dresses up like a gangsta to seem less effete. As for our heroine, do we really care that she might miss her holiday plans to work on an Oscar campaign?

Originally posted May 30 2005 — 12:00 AM EDT

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