Doom |


Can Doom possibly live up to the carnage of the videogame that it is based on? ”This film is bloody as hell,” notes actor Karl Urban (the Lord of the Rings trilogy). ”It’s not well-done — it’s rare.” Ooookay — definitely not family-friendly, then.

The story follows a rapid-response technical unit (including Urban and Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson) that journeys through a wormhole to investigate a science facility on another planet. You can guess what happens next. Taking its lead from the game, the unit has a variety of nifty weapons at its disposal, including chain saws, pulse rifles, and — of course — the all-purpose Big F—ing Gun. ”[It’s a film] about the chaos that ensues and how the relationships all fracture and disintegrate,” says Urban. But one with a really high body count, right? Urban laughs: ”It’s unapologetic.”