Summer's movie-star MVPs: Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn

(Vince Vaughn: Robert Maxwell/Art Dept/CPI)

Summer’s movie-star MVPs: Vince Vaughn

Age 35

Position Divorce mediator Jeremy Grey in Wedding Crashers; hitman Eddie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Season highlights Now he really is money. Vaughn was hilarious chasing ”babies” and waxing eloquent in 1996’s low-grossing Swingers. But after a run of serious-role duds — including his onanistic interpretation of mama’s-boy psycho killer Norman Bates in that Psycho remake — he couldn’t land comedies. Old School in 2003 and Dodgeball in 2004 finally made him not just a lovable motormouth but a bankable one, and this summer he topped himself, coming on like some nattering Barry Levinson character after a double espresso. Whether bellowing pissed-off patter at an unseen mom as Brad Pitt’s assassin-agency pal in Mr. & Mrs. Smith or gleefully demonstrating how to ”motorboat” a woman’s breasts to Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers, Vaughn’s unstoppable air of hedonistic brio makes him the buddy you want to hang with after the movie’s over.

Originally posted August 22 2005 — 12:00 AM EDT

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