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(House: Jamie Trueblood)



Genre: Crime, Doctor/Medical/Hospital; Lead Performer: Hugh Laurie; Performers: Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Jesse Spencer, Sela Ward; Run Dates: 11/16/2004; Broadcaster: Fox

House, in its second season, so far varies little from its reliable formula: Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie), a brilliant, acerbic doctor whose people skills are zilch, still pops painkillers for his ruined leg while solving wild medical mysteries and aiming barbs at his co-workers like an Xbox-addicted boy. Complaining of the hero worship of stoic ”cancer kids,” he whinnies: ”It’s basic statistics. Some of them have to be whiny little fraidy cats.” Yes, House is never afraid to affront, and Laurie pulls off this ragged, nasty character with ease: House gets drunk with a death-row inmate (season-opener guest star LL Cool J); House proclaims he wants to watch a little girl being told she’s going to die — both, it’s revealed, for valid if flagrantly roundabout medical reasons.

House thrives on its one-two punch of ”He’s a cad…a genius cad!” But the series falters when it comes to genuine character development. Sela Ward has joined the cast as House’s beloved, alienated ex-girlfriend, and so far is stuck in the background, being vaguely strong-willed. Omar Epps lands a potentially powerful story line when his Dr. Foreman, a former car thief, does some soul-searching after spending time with the death-row inmate. Unfortunately, Epps, a gifted actor, is given the slimmest context to make this introspection work — it feels as hollow and unearned as those music-filled montages now ending so many episodes. House himself could offer the series a lesson: When you’ve got the smarts, don’t bother faking the emotion.

Originally posted September 13 2005 — 12:00 AM EDT

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