TV Roundup: Mr. T returns, big-screen 'Idol,' X-rated 'Apprentice' |

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TV Roundup: Mr. T returns, big-screen 'Idol,' X-rated 'Apprentice'


15016__t_l-Mr. T (left) has a new reality pilot for TV Land, called (of course) I Pity the Fool, in which he serves as a ”motivational guru” to ordinary slobs. Maybe he could put together a team of lifestyle consultants. Hmm, what could he call them…?

-For those of us who can’t get enough Robot Chicken, Cartoon Network is posting various Adult Swim shows online in their entirety at its Friday Night Fix page.

-Tina Fey has a baby, gives it a surprisingly normal name for a celebrispawn (Alice). She and Maya Rudolph are both expected to take maternity breaks from Saturday Night Live this season. No word yet on who’ll co-anchor the fake news alongside Amy Poehler.

-Simon Cowell mulls an Idol movie. Did he learn nothing from From Justin to Kelly?

-Two weeks ago, Donald Trump noted that one contestant on Apprentice 4, Alla Wartenberg, is a ”hard as nails” ex-stripper, but he says he didn’t know that she once had a client who, according to court documents unearthed by The Smoking Gun, killed three people in botched robbery attempts at a time when he was paying her from $500 to $1,500 a night to lapdance for him. After that, standing up to back-stabbing corporate wannabes should be a cinch.

-After just three episodes, HBO renews Rome for another season. That gives producers plenty of time to cast Melinda Clarke as Atia’s twin sister.