The singers Dylan wants you to hear |


The singers Dylan wants you to hear

Scorsese's documentary got you on a Dylan binge? Then you've got to hear these 10 singers whose music made him a fan

Bob Dylan

(Bob Dylan: Jerry Schatzberg/Corbis)

The singers Dylan wants you to hear

When a songwriting career is as rich and varied as Bob Dylan’s, a small sample is never enough. So after you’ve watched Martin Scorsese’s excellent documentary No Direction Home (released on DVD Sept. 20 and airing on PBS Sept. 26-27), and after you’ve sampled the dozens of recommended albums in the Sept. 23 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there’s still further to go.

To really understand Dylan, you need to learn about the music he loved. Luckily, his 2004 autobiography Chronicles: Volume One is more about his favorite performers than the music he made or the life he lived. Using his words as a guide, we searched the Web for interviews, free downloads, and fresh info about Woody Guthrie, Dave Van Ronk, and other musicians who influenced, or at least entertained, Dylan. Read on to sample what he’d like you to hear.