Michael Slezak
September 22, 2005 AT 12:00 PM EDT

If you thought Being Bobby Brown was proof positive of the decline of Western civilization, just be glad you’re not living in Europe.

Hot on the heels of the sperm-donor drama I Want Your Child And Nothing Else!, and a Big Brother-style program involving the slaughter of innocent goats, comes a new Dutch talk show called Spuiten & Slikken (Shoot Up and Swallow). Roving reporter Filemon Wesselink plans to smoke heroin, take LSD (under his mom’s supervision), and even get trashed on a pub crawl (how quaint!) for taped segments of the program, which will look at drug use and abuse across the country.

Do you see a day when a show like this could hit U.S. airwaves? Or does it simply cross a line that Americans won’t tolerate? Then again, if six episodes of Britney & Kevin: Chaotic didn’t raise your hackles, what exactly would it take for you to just say no?

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