The fall albums we can't wait to hear |


The fall albums we can't wait to hear

The Fugees reunite, Madonna hits the dancefloor, and OutKast do ragtime: Get details on fall discs by these artists and others


(Madonna: REUTERS/Ian Hodgson /Landov)

Image credit: Madonna: REUTERS/Ian Hodgson /Landov


Confessions on a Dance Floor (Nov. 15)

Why is someone whose last album contained an embarrassing rap about a roomful of Pilates hotties on this list? Easy: We know better than to underestimate Madonna’s ability to craft dazzling pop. Her latest album trades folktronica for high-octane, hook-savvy dance music, as evidenced by the ABBA-sampling first single, ”Hung Up,” a throbbing blend of Giorgio Moroder, New Order, and fun-loving Ciccone youth.