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Jennifer Aniston, Rumor Has It

(Rumor Has It: Melissa Moseley)

Romance goes high-concept with this dramedy: A directionless woman (Jennifer Aniston), unsure if she wants to marry her fiancé (Mark Ruffalo), heads West to attend her sister’s wedding, only to discover that — random plot twist alert! — her family was the inspiration for the film The Graduate. ”It’s got all this stuff about The Graduate, but at the core it’s a journey into self-discovery, and what this woman has to go through to give herself over to somebody in a meaningful way,” says Rob Reiner, who replaced original director T.M. Griffin because of creative differences. ”If [audiences] are expecting a sequel to The Graduate, then they’re going to be disappointed,” adds Reiner. ”But if you’re going to see a good romantic comedy with a different premise than you’ve seen before, then it is a good story.”