Gay love stories on film: ''Beautiful Thing'' |


Gay love stories on film: ''Beautiful Thing''

Ste and Jamie, 'Beautiful Thing' (1996)

(Beautiful Thing: Kobal Collection)

Gay love stories on film: ”Beautiful Thing”

THE STORY Gawky outsider Jamie (Glen Berry, right) and his battered neighbor Ste (Scott Neal, left) slowly discover they have more in common than an address.

WHY IT’S MEMORABLE While Beautiful Thing never sugarcoats the difficulty of two working-class teens inching their way out of the closet in a London housing project, Berry and Neal’s candid, unadorned performances result in a message movie that preaches one universal truth: First love really is grand.

WHAT EW SAID ”Among the things going for this EastEnders-type romance: Jamie, a gym-o-phobe and Ste, a jock, aren’t starlet hunks, they’re just believably average-looking guys.” B (Read the review)