The Wave

Genre: Fiction; Author: Walter Mosley; Publisher: Warner Books

It’s somewhat disconcerting to place yourself in the hands of an author you trust and then find yourself betrayed. Walter Mosley’s Wave starts promisingly: We meet Errol Porter, a man barely holding his life together after losing his job and his wife. Things get both better and worse when a man contacts him claiming to be his long-dead father. But after a nimble stab at spiritual fiction and some characteristically knowing comments on race in L.A., Mosley takes a bizarre left turn into a place occupied by alien infestations, government conspiracies, and, believe it or not, anime-style tentacle rape. It’s intriguing for a gifted writer to dip his pen in a different genre; if only this wasn’t the outcome.

Originally posted January 25 2006 — 12:00 AM EST

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