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James Frey: From tarnished writer to TV star?


141055__jamesearl_lSo everybody at PopWatch HQ was watching a sheepish James Frey on Oprah yesterday, and we got this crazy idea for a new series, My Name Is James, in which the disgraced memoirist (left) makes a list of all the lies and inaccuracies in his best-selling A Million Little Pieces, then sets out one by one to make ‘em true – à la Jason Lee’s repenting Earl (right). Tentative title for the pilot episode: ”The One Where Our Protagonist Gets a Root Canal Without Novocaine!”

Oh come now, PopWatchers. Don’t get all shysty on me, you know you’d watch (especially if some visionary network paired it with Here Comes Rhonetta!).

Originally posted January 27 2006 — 6:39 PM EST

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