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TV Deals: Matthew Perry, Chi McBride, and 'Brokeback' writers


85915__matt_lSince my living-room DVR is only 89 percent full today, I figure I’ll have room for, say, at least two or three new series come this fall. Here’s my fuzzy-mathematical peek at a few pilots the networks will be mulling in the coming months:

A) Saturday Night Live + Sports NightFriends + The Hughleys = Matthew Perry (pictured), D.L. Hughley, and Steven Weber cast in Aaron Sorkin’s pricey NBC pilot about backstage drama at a hit sketch-comedy series

B) Everybody Loves Raymond + The Larry Sanders Show - Curb Your Enthusiasm = Jeff Garlin’s TBS comedy-variety pilot from Raymond producer Phil Rosenthal

C) Sisters + Related ÷ Alias = Brothers & Sisters, a potential ABC drama with Ron Rifkin as the uncle of a group of siblings

D) 24 x Boston PublicBoomtown = Chi McBride in an ABC pilot about the lives of nine folks held hostage during a bank robbery

E) Brokeback Mountain x Close To Home + EverwoodMajor Dad = Sheriff Luke, ABC’s pilot from Golden Globe-winning writers Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana, about a widower raising two kids and fighting crime in a Midwestern town

Which show are you most likely to watch,PopWatchers?

(Follow the jump for Mike’s answer…)

While none of these pilots actually sound too bad to me, I’m probablymost jazzed about options A. and E. The latter has a pretty lame title,giving a slight edge to the Sorkin show in my own personal Excit-o-meter.