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Janet Jackson: 'Control' is 20!



“Glaaaaadiator!” No, I’m not writing my second blog item of the week about Elizabeth Taylor. Rather, it’s just the sound of me, realizing I’m thoroughly, undeniably old. What’s got me feeling so geezer-ific this morning? Why, it’s a quote from Janet Jackson’s frequent collaborator Jimmy Jam, telling MTV.com about the singer’s upcoming CD: ”We’re celebrating 20 years since the Control album, so it would be crazy not to at least acknowledge that a little bit. So we’re digging out all the old sounds that we haven’t used in years and she sounds fantastic. It’s a record for the hardcore Janet fans: It’s very danceable, very upbeat, very happy.”

What’s that? Control came out 20 years ago? Really? Okay, then, gimme a beat! And a bottle of Geritol.