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Apropos of Nothing: 'Simpsons,' Natalie Portman, robot dog


154543__np_lHere are our favorite viral videos of the day:

- This remarkable British TV promo for The Simpsons is a meticulously staged a live-action re-enactment of the show’s opening. Spot-on.

-From this past weekend’s Saturday Night Live: Natalie Portman (left, with SNL-er Andy Samberg) cleverly prepares moviegoers to see her as a badass revolutionary in V for Vendetta by trashing her Harvard-educated, nice-girl image with a hilarious gangsta-rap rant. Another taped bit featuring stealth weapons Chris Parnell and Samberg, who are singlehandedly saving the SNL brand from irrelevance this year.

-Okay, if you’ve already seen both of those – they’re all over the Web – you still probably haven’t seen this clip, featuring the Best. Robotic. Army. Dog. Ever.