Second Honeymoon

Genre: Fiction; Author: Joanna Trollope; Publisher: Bloomsbury

So much for the empty nest: Not long after her youngest child, Ben, leaves home, sometime actress Edie Boyd wrestles with mixed emotions when, one by one, her three children come crawling back. Emotionally frigid Michael can’t handle that his girlfriend is more financially secure. Forgotten Rosa is debt-ridden. And Ben isn’t sure how long he can handle living with his girlfriend and her mother. Never mind Edie’s newest charge, a penniless young actor named Lazlo; her sister Vivien, who’s considering a reunion with her long-estranged and untrustworthy husband; or Edie’s own spouse, Russell, who wants to reconnect after years of deflecting his attention to their kids. In Second Honeymoon, her 17th novel, Joanna Trollope keenly explores the concessions couples often make to maintain a relationship. But her real skill is balancing this panoply of rich, surprising characters — a scruffier version of the gang from Love Actually — with a firm and empathic narrative voice.

Originally posted March 10 2006 — 12:00 AM EST

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