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Weekend To-Do List: Dumptruck Edition


153258__squid_l”I need a dumptruck, mama, to unload my head,” sang Bob Dylan. So it goes as PopWatch unloads a list of random activities for you:

-The pop culture event of the weekend is surely Ricky Gervais’ appearance on The Simpsons (Fox, Sunday at 8 p.m.), in an episode that the British comedy guru wrote as well. Plus, the ep will open with that fabled live-action version of the standard Simpsons intro.

-For Amanda Bynes fans who prefer her out of male drag, another TV milestone comes tonight at 8 on the WB with the season finale (and probably the series finale) of What I Like About You.

-Sure, you’re planning to see Denzel, Jodie, and Clive this weekend in Inside Man, but if it’s sold out, look for The Devil’s Miner, EW’s top-graded movie this week, a documentary about the colorful spiritual lives of Bolivian silver miners. Talk about inside men.

-The rush to DVD of recent Oscar nominees continues with The Squid and the Whale, Noah Baumbach’s much-lauded roman a clef about the divorce of his parents (played by Laura Linney and Jeff Daniels, pictured). I can’t believe the boy who plays their younger son is the real-life 12-year-old son of Phoebe Cates.

-The John-Mayer’s-kid-brother stylings of Teddy Geiger’s Underage Thinking hit stores earlier this week, but an advance copy of the disc has been lodged in my CD player for a month, or about three weeks longer than Geiger’s Love Monkey lasted on CBS.

-She’s Not a Girl, Not Yet a Fertility Goddess: We’re not going to link to any photos of that now-notorius sculpture of a naked Britney Spears crouching on a bearskin rug and giving birth to the spawn of Federline – trust us, you’ll thank us for our restraint. But you can read about the sculpture, which the artist calls the ”first Pro-Life monument to birth,” here.

-Hey, Project Runway fans: if you’re in the Los Angeles area this weekend, Santino’s having a yard sale!

-Video fun: Comedy Central has inhaled Strindberg & Helium; watch the playfully surreal clips here and here.

-Finally, this Michel Gondry-directed video for Kylie Minogue’s ”Come Into My World” isn’t exactly new, but it’s so damn cool that we have to ask you to watch it and report back.