Michael Slezak
March 24, 2006 AT 09:20 PM EST

I’m not typically all that interested in what becomes of reality-TV contestants once the cameras stop rolling, but when it comes to the talented designers of Bravo’s addictive Project Runway, I make an exception. So needless to say I was psyched to see Season 2’s quietly charming Emmett McCarthy has opened his own Manhattan boutique, EMC2.

A Village Voice profile on his shop (Thanks, TV Tattle, for the heads up) tuts that Emmett’s line is ”similar to what you’d find at Scoop or Intermix” but raves that his ”simple, elegant halter dresses in silk and linen are cut in a kind, universally flattering fit, emphasizing what’s up top while gliding mercifully over our adorable guts.”

The story also reports that ”dirty” Diana Eng was Emmett’s only Runway buddy to attend his story opening. Which leaves me wondering: Where’s the hot pink skating costume? And more importantly, what happened to Andrae?

addCredit(“Project Runway: Virginia Sherwood”)

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