Before Brit: Memorable ''Will & Grace'' guest stars |


Before Brit: Memorable ''Will & Grace'' guest stars

Britney Spears' visit to ''Will & Grace'' inspires a countdown of the 10 most memorable guest stars on the series

(Will & Grace: Chris Haston)

Before Brit: Memorable ”Will & Grace” guest stars

Britney made it in just under the wire: Her appearance on the March 30 episode of Will & Grace as Amber-Louise, a cohost foisted upon a reluctant Jack (Sean Hayes) by his channel’s conservative new owners, will be one of the last in a long line of illustrious guest spots on the soon-to-end sitcom. The seemingly endless parade of A-listers and icons who’ve played fifth wheel to the Will/Grace/Jack/Karen quartet has been a standout feature of the show — albeit one that’s made critics complain it’s turned into a gimmicky, sitcom Love Boat. Still, the series remains a top draw for visitors, including movie royalty who seldom do TV (Michael Douglas, Matt Damon) and tabloid fixtures supposedly trying to keep low profiles (J. Lo, Janet Jackson, and Spears). As W&G approches its May 18 finale, look again at the reruns (we did), and you’ll see that a lot of these self-parodying one-shots have been surprisingly funny. A countdown of the most memorable cameos follows.