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Our favorite dance movies

Our favorite dance movies: From the classic ''Fame'' to the newcomer ''Take the Lead,'' a guide to 10 movies with fancy footwork

Our favorite dance movies

Dance movies are a lot like sports movies. There’s often a young, athletic, Rocky-ish contender or two, looking for a shot at the big time. There’s triumph, heartbreak, soaring bodies, and fallen arches. And there’s usually a big competition/audition/performance at the end, at which all that hard work at the barre finally pays off. Now that ABC’s Dancing With the Stars has finally made the connection between the ballroom and the scoreboard popular, in waltzes Take the Lead (opening April 7) to capitalize on the craze. Antonio Banderas stars as Pierre Dulaine, the founder of the New York City after-school program whose dance competition was made famous in the documentary Mad Hot Ballroom. Banderas can dance, all right, but does his film have the smooth moves to make it into our dance-movie hall of fame? Check these out, and see if Take the Lead can follow in their footsteps.