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Double Vision: Sienna Miller, Jessica Simpson, and everyone else


102532__sunglasses_lYou know what I love on a lady? Ginormous sunglasses and a nice head scarf. Brings me back to my agrarian roots, working the earth with my bare hands under the hot Neapolitan sun.

I’m guessing that’s the look that (from left to right) Sienna Miller, Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Ashlee Simpson, and, um, every other actress under 30 is going for.

So here’s to the maverick spirit of originality in Hollywood – congrats, ladies!

addCredit(“Miller: Cliff Sobel/Splash News; Jessica Simpson: Paul McConnell/Getty Images; Richie: Mandy Levine/Splash News;Olsen: Lawrence Schwartzwald /Splash News;Ashlee Simpson: Mike Emory/Big Australia/BEImages”)

Originally posted April 12 2006 — 11:46 PM EDT

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