The Producers (Movie - 2005)

Genre: Comedy; Starring: Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Will Ferrell, Uma Thurman; Director: Susan Stroman; Author: Mel Brooks, Thomas Meehan; Release Date Wide: 01/13/2006; Runtime (in minutes): 134; MPAA Rating: PG-13; Distributor: Universal

The Producers, the movie of the Broadway musical of the 1968 movie now comes to DVD — anyone for The Producers: The Podcast? Certainly this film, directed by Susan Stroman, could use some scaling down: Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick didn’t adjust their performances for camera close-ups, but gesticulate and overenunciate as though still playing for the back rows of matinee crowds. EXTRAS Some funny outtakes, but a woefully halting commentary by Stroman is filled with gushing blather like ”Our prop department did a great job with those adding machines — they’re very authentic.”

Originally posted May 19 2006 — 12:00 AM EDT

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