Michael Slezak
May 22, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

[Warning: If you — gasp! — let your social life (or Sopranos addiction) get in the way of watching Desperate Housewives‘ season finale last night, you might want to skip this spoiler-filled item.]

Yes, PopWatchers, I’m one of those Crank E. McCrankypants who felt let down by Desperate Housewives‘ inconsistent second season. Yet aside from the crazy-rushed conclusion to the Applewhites’ saga (somewhere, Alfre Woodard is sticking pins in her Marc Cherry voodoo doll — and with good reason), the show’s last five or six episodes suggested a welcome return to form — and planted the seeds for a far more interesting third season. Still, why leave it to the show’s writers to return Housewives to must-see status all on their own, when we can make our own pushy random brilliant storyline suggestions? I’m not going to delve into whether or not Mike Delfino should live or die after getting mowed down by creepy Kyle MacLachlan (since James Denton, pictured, seems to have already spoiled that) or whether Tom’s story about his pre-Lynette affair and child are completely trustworthy (since Mr. Cherry has already weighed in on the subject). Instead, I’ll offer two other possibilities:

1. Bring back Felicia Tilman. Don’t keep her cloistered away in that mountain cabin for too long. Sure, she’s seems to have exacted revenge against Paul Young for murdering Mrs. Huber, but since Felicia was never a huge fan of her sister in the first place, I always felt her elaborate schemes to torment Paul were always more for her own amusement. Why not pit her against Housewives‘ other underutilized bad girl, Edie Britt, in a season-long game of Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote?

2. No matter how Bree’s romantic fortunes play out in season 3, make sure her son Andrew returns as her No. 1 foil. Marcia Cross and Shawn Pyfrom have such deliciously dark chemistry, I’d tune in to Yo Momma if they dropped in for a guest appearance. But, please, keep Wilmer Valderrama away from Wisteria Lane.

Okay, that’s my 13 cents: What would you like to see on Housewives in the fall?

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