EW Staff
May 26, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

“I could be smoking crack, but my first thought was Justin Henry, the annoying little brother from Sixteen Candles. Congratulations, Jeff Sparkman, apparently you are smoking crack — because it is Justin Henry!

No, it’s not Family Ties‘ little Andy (Brian Bonsall) or A Christmas Story‘s Little Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) or The Brady Bunch‘s little Oliver (Robbie Rist) or the Life cereal commercial’s little Mikey (John Gilchrist).

And about half of you were convinced — convinced! — it was Eight Is Enough‘s Adam Rich. And while I won’t deny that Rich and Henry share a serious resemblance, the correct answer is an all-growed-up Henry , now 34, pictured at left, best known for being both the youngest Oscar nominee ever (in 1979, he earned a Best Supporting Actor nod for his heartbreaking performance in Kramer vs. Kramer, pictured at right, when he was 8) and for being Molly Ringwald’s wiseacre sib, Mike, in 1984’s Sixteen Candles (“sofa city, sweetheart”).

(About a quarter of you knew that — see the list of brown-nosers after the jump…)

Congrats — you can make your own pancakes!

Rahul Agarwal
Kim Bedwell
Cathy Brewer
Colleen E. Burns
Erik Burns
Melissa Carman
Terri Cedro
Kristin Charles
Connie L. Chilton
Catherine Collins
Jeff Commings
Joe Cortazzi
Cindy Dugger
Charity Duprat
N’Jeri Eaton
Dwight Fischer
Justine Fontinell
Mary Beth Garrett
Michael J. Grilli
Angela Haire
Kelly Harvey
Lanna Hill
Larry Hoffer
Vanessa Hofstetter
Christopher Hooker
Leslie Horsley
Peggy Jacobs
Melanie Jeanfils
Patrick Kirton
Scott Lawson
Jodi Luke
Margaret Maley
Benny Mart
Erika McBryde
Eliza McCall
Paul McGrath
Karla McLaren
Sean McMahill
Margie Molina
Peter Ohsiek
Kate Pierpont
Stephen Rainforth
Matthew Rainnie
Amy Reaves
India Richards
Patt Richards
Karina Rios
Robbie Robertson
Nanci Roider
Sara Rusmisel
Courtney Sadler
Gary Sanginario
Kieran Scanlon
Eric Simon
Jeff Siperly
Greg Smith
Jeff Sparkman
Russ Spears
Mary Ann Talamo
Marla Trilling
Kit Wells
Ellen White
Patrick A. Yearout

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