Michael Slezak
May 26, 2006 AT 07:00 PM EDT

Break out your leather and lace, it’s Stevie Nicks’ birthday, yo! To celebrate, I’ve scoured up some vintage party favors at YouTube, and even written some lyrics for a celebratory ditty (which should be sung to the tune of ”Stand Back,” natch.) Here goes nothin’:

Stevie’s birthday/Fifty-eighth
An invite to her party would have been just great
You’ll play Gypsy/Again and again
Till it gets stuck/in your head

No one knows/How she feels
Bootylicious with the Mac or on her own
Mistress of the wind machine
Sing it Stevie Nicks/Take me home

Stand back/stand back
In the middle of the hall
Stevie spins, shawl and all
It’s all right/It’s all right
‘Cause her voice is like good wine
(Voice is like good wine)
She’s still fine

addCredit(“Stevie Nicks: Neal Preston/CORBIS”)

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