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'The Lost Experience': What in the name of Alvar Hanso is going on?

Listen up, Lost fans. I’m a lazy man. Surely you’ve all figured that out by now. So here’s what I propose: a contest to see who can best summarize what has happened to date on The Lost Experience.

For the uninitiated (is there such a thing, anymore?), TLE is that alternate-reality game I wrote about a while ago. Since then… well, I’ve lost track. I know this much: The Hanso Foundation is eeeeeevil. And that orangutan is looking at me funny. Beyond that, I’m (pardon me) at sea. I go here every once in a while, but it seems just as encoded as the Hanso site.

So I’m offering a prize for the most comprehensive yet concise and transparent explanation of what the hell is going on. I can’t tell you what that prize is because, frankly, I have no money. If the winner is “in the neighborhood,” I will buy the winner a beer. If the winner is not in the neighborhood, I will award him/her the Popwatch Medal of Freedom, which is the highest and cheapest honor I am sanctioned to bestow. The PopWatch Medal of Freedom is really just instructions on how to make your very own Popwatch Medal of Freedom at home out of tin foil, glue, and the beloved family pet.

Motivated, yet? C’mon, help a blogger out. I’ve got the bursitis.