Scott Brown
June 08, 2006 AT 08:35 PM EDT

The Cybill Sandwich is back on the menu: Cybill Shepherd has joined the cast of The L Word. Finally, she will become the glamorous lesbian we all knew she could be, if that pesky Peter Bogdanovich hadn’t screwed things up for her. (I kid, Peter Bogdanovich, I kid! Please, don’t send me any more threatening telegrams or unsold laserdisc copies of Texasville.)

So… Cybill as a midlife lesbian. Totally works. I like the character (it’s an underexplored figure, the late-blooming bisexual) and Cybill’s got the right blend of high-WASP frigidity vying with freewheeling sexual ductility. The blogfather is a longtime defender of the leggy dame from Memphis. Personally, I’m neutral on her. [EDITOR’S NOTE: C’mon — Moonlighting?] But I’m all for a lady who’s not ashamed to admit she enjoys a good Manwich every now and again. 

Plus, the grueling TV schedule will keep Cyb off the street. Idle hands (and vocal chords) do the devil’s work.

addCredit(“Cybill Shepard: Sarah Kerver/”)

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