Michael Slezak
June 13, 2006 AT 07:56 PM EDT

There are still close to 37 weeks till the Academy Awards, but that hasn’t stopped the good folks at Movie City News from putting together a ranking of the 20 leading contenders for Best Picture — plus an additional 18 challengers. Admittedly, I’m in full popcorn mode right now (I saw the surprisingly funny remake of The Omen this weekend — riddle me this: What pre-K kid has red satin sheets on his bed?), and yet the prospect of a full fall slate of Important Films fills me with giddy anticipation.

On that note, here’s a tough exercise for all of you: Let’s say you were restricted to seeing only three of the 38 movies on MCN’s roster, and you had to decide right now which ones they’d be, which would you choose? I’d go with Dreamgirls (yeah, I’m predictable, but for the love of J.Hud, I am telling you that I’m going), The Black Dahlia (terrific book, and it looks like it’s snagged the right cast and director), and Babel (check out a clip here).

Okay, I’m not going to lie: That hurt my brain a little. But c’mon, folks, it’s important to keep those brain cells in working order between viewings of RV and Little Man, so have at it!

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