Scott Brown
June 14, 2006 AT 08:20 PM EDT

Know what I hate about American Idol? As a fame delivery system, it takes waaaaaay too long. Auditions? We don’t want no stinkin’ auditions! And who needs Fox and Simon Cowell when you can take it straight to the people via YouTube? Just ask <a href="
“>Brookers, Prototypical YouTube Celebrity.

Brookers (a.k.a. 20-year-old  Brooke Brodack of Massachusetts) has <a href="
“>Numa Numa-ed her way into the heart of Carson Daly. Millions have watched her viral video of the techno hit since it debuted last fall, and that’s just one of her many well-trafficked shorts. We sat down with Brookers as part of our Internet Fame package, running in the print mag on Friday. She’s a sweetheart. With a LOT of energy. (My favorite by far: “Steal My Sunshine.”)

But what am I telling you this for, netizen? You’ve probably already got a clip circulating virally as we speak. I’m the one lagging behind. Let me go dig my old stuffed animals and Heart records out of the foot locker.

One question: Once we’re all famous, does that mean we can all be in Ocean’s 9,763?

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