Amy Ryan
August 01, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Of these four offbeat star vehicles reportedly in the works, which would you most like to see?

A. George Clooney in a remake of Pet Sematary

B. Eddie Griffin in an NBC sitcom based on his own life as a dad to multiple children by different women, a premise he calls a ”f—ed up Cosby Show

C. Bill Pullman (click the link marked ”july twenty nine”) playing mindbending sci-fi author Philip K. Dick in the indie drama Panasonic

D. Jackie Chan and Jet Li in a Hollywood-financed action comedy

(See Gary’s pick is after the jump…)

Regarding A., I know Clooney is a fan of cheesy horror (From Dusk TillDawn, Return of the Killer Tomatoes), but this story sounds fishy. B.doesn’t sound too different from Will Smith’s All of Us, but NBC is on something of a comedy roll lately with My Name Is Earl and The Office, so maybe they can elevate this premise into something unique as well. I enjoy Bill Pullman’s work in oddball roles (Zero Effect, Lost Highway),but I don’t see how C.’s story about Dick’s life could be morefascinating than his fiction (which has been made into such films as A Scanner Darkly and Blade Runner).So that leaves D., and while both Chan and Li are getting long in thetooth, it’s amazing that these two Hong Kong giants have never workedtogether, so I’m excited to see whatever they do.

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