Michael Slezak
August 03, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I l-l-l-l-love Project Runway. Every Wednesday from 10-11 p.m. is sort of a mini-weekend at Casa Slezak, except for no one is allowed to speak, and also the phone gets turned off. Plus, there aren’t as many mojitos. That said, if I might make one teeny suggestion to the show’s producers — aside from ”Bring back Kors!” We’ve had enough of the Kors Lite, no? — it’s this: Let’s call a moratorium on Project Runway‘s group challenges. I know you’re with me, folks; a lot of you have been making the very same plea on our TV Watch message boards today — and with good reason.

For one thing, group challenges punish the designers with the most innovative sketches. It’s simple math, really: Last night, there were 12 competitors, four of their designs were produced, and two of ’em landed in the bottom two, with one going home. In other words, become a team leader, and get a 25 percent chance of being the next evictee. Wouldn’t it almost make more sense to cough up a lame drawing, and guarantee safe passage to the next round? (Or no sketch at all, as Angela did during the Miss Universe gown competition?) Worse still, viewers get punished during group challenges, too. Last night, instead of experiencing the joy of watching 12 distinct outfits float down the runway, we only got to see four. Booo!

Okay then, rant over. I now return to my Project Runway happy place, wrapped in one of Laura’s faux-fur dreams, with lots of sequins and bugle beads courtesy of Kayne. Robert and Michael and Alison are there, too, ’cause they’re all awfully adorable. Are you with me, PopWatchers?

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