The other projects of ''Daily Show'' correspondents |


The other projects of ''Daily Show'' correspondents

The other projects of ''Daily Show'' correspondents -- What's on tap for Ed Helms, Rob Corddry, and more

With news that correspondent Ed Helms is taking time off to work at another Office, here’s a look at the extracurricular activities of The Daily Show’s in-demand crew.

Following in the footsteps of ex-Showman Steve Carell, correspondent Ed Helms will join NBC’s The Office for a recurring role. ”I’m on a walkabout. This is my vision quest,” says Helms, who’ll take a hiatus from his Comedy Central gig to play a new Dunder Mifflin employee. Says Helms: ”It’s an opportunity to expand the perception of me as an actor…[and] not just a smug newscaster.” Still, he isn’t totally prepared to leave the fake-news nest.” The Daily Show is such a consistent job,” he says. ”Honestly, I’m terrified.”

Younger sib Nate has left Daily to play a sketch-comedy artist on NBC’s Studio 60…, while Rob remains on staff. But that could change: He has a number of movies on the way (among them, Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell), and come January will play a Gen-X slacker in Fox’s sitcom The Winner. The elder Corddry admits the office is competitive: ”We have tests of strength. We do irony drills and satire push-ups.”

This Canadian pair — a real-life husband and wife — are poised to be the next two correspondents to get poached from the fauxcast. Jones is tight-lipped about future projects, which he’ll announce shortly, and Bee recently shot a cameo as a school principal for 2007’s Underdog feature. ”Sam is the sweetest person,” says Helms. ”But she has an ability to put that on the shelf and take out the scalpel for an interview.”

Though never a reporter in his decadelong run on the Show, the caustic comic is finally getting his due. He plays a ”psychotic” in this week’s Accepted, a comedy writer in Man of the Year (out Oct. 13), and a ”prick” in Unaccompanied Minors (Dec. 8). Marvels Black: ”Who knew that two and a half minutes a week on cable would have this effect?”