Shannen Doherty is an expert on leaving |


Shannen Doherty is an expert on leaving

Shannen Doherty is an expert on leaving -- See the shows she's left and the couples she'll advise to break-up

Shannen Doherty is an expert on leaving

(1990-94) Doherty played Minnesota transplant Brenda Walsh, but her erratic on-set behavior — fighting over wardrobe, showing up late, revealing Jason Priestley’s real age!! — provoked an ugly divorce after season 4, and Brenda was exiled to London. ”There’s no other word for it,” Doherty admitted in 2000. ”I was an a–hole.”

(1998-2001) Good-hearted 90210 producer Aaron Spelling gave Doherty a second chance, casting her as witch Prue. After three seasons, though, Doherty left after a behind-the-scenes power struggle with costar Alyssa Milano, and Prue was killed off by a demon. Doherty then dismissed the series as ”a show for 12-year-olds.”

(2003-04) As host of Sci Fi’s hidden-camera spookfest, Doherty loved the gig at the start: ”It’s on a cool, culty channel, and I work six days a year,” she told PEOPLE. But she bolted eight episodes into its second season for a role on Fox’s short-lived North Shore and a chance to develop a sitcom. Scary Stephen Baldwin replaced her.

(2005) Cast in her first sitcom, about an urban dating service, Doherty didn’t even last one episode. UPN execs booted her after the pilot, insisting they wanted to go in a different direction — one that involved Busy Philipps as the star. ”You could knock me down 30 more times and I would still get up and persevere,” insisted Doherty later.

(2006) After watching skeezy Steven criticize and ignore his girlfriend, Tamara, Doherty hands him his walking papers. By now a seasoned veteran at calling it quits, Doherty barely blinks when Steven interrupts the bad news to ask her, ”Are you ovulating?” She does not, however, answer the question.