Amy Ryan
August 29, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

[SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading this right now if you don’t want to know how the Vinny-Ari dustup resolves itself next season.]

Who’ll be representing Vincent Chase, now that he and Ari are on the outs, when Entourage returns in early 2007? Series creator Doug Ellin spills the beans in the final minute of this audio interview with TV Week. The new agent is not Terrence or Josh Weinstein or any of the cookie-cutter talent reps Vinny shopped during the series finale on Sunday. In fact, it’s someone with no Ari-style testosterone at all. (In retrospect, we should have known sooner, given this report from April, which we initially discounted because it looked like the New York Post was having trouble distinguishing fiction from reality. Insert joke about Post/Fox News magnate Rupert Murdoch here.) Actually, this could be a fascinating twist, given this performer’s thespian skills, physical attractiveness, and unfortunate reputation as a one-season-and-out show killer. But if the Post is correct, our new guest star will be gone after just six episodes, whereupon Vincent will surely have to return to Ari, who’ll put down his brand-spankin’-new Emmy just long enough to hug it out with his prodigal ex-client.

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