Amy Ryan
September 01, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The autumn chill is already in the air, so why not just stay indoors this weekend? What else are you going to do, go out to the movies to see The Wicker Man? (Ooh, scary! Unless Christopher Lee’s in this version, I’m staying home.) Have an outdoor BBQ with your family? Why bother, given all the worthwhile DVDs released this week?

-EW’s reviewers especially liked the 20th anniversary Pretty in Pink: Everything’s Ducky Edition, even if it is missing the fabled original ending in which Molly Ringwald dances with Jon Cryer at the prom instead of that dweeb Andrew McCarthy.

Arrested Development fans can finally pick up the third and final (sniff!) season, while everyone else can check it out to see what you missed.

Desperate Housewives Season 2 isn’t so hot, but the dish from other famous TV housewives (like The Waltons‘ Michael Learned) is priceless.

-Jennifer Aniston sees how the simple folk live in indie dramedy Friends With Money.

-Finally available on disc is the classic 1964 Italian comedy of sexual manners Seduced and Abandoned.

-Also out is Season One of the HBO’s terrific Argentine import Epitafios, an elaborate serial killer thriller.

-So is the first season of hilarious animated superhero spoof The Tick.

-Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Cold War dance thriller White Nights is better than you remember.

-Finally, a must-see is Double Indemnity, the classic Billy Wilder/Raymond Chandler/James M. Cain noir that was the prototype for virtually all the let’s-kill-my-husband-for-the-insurance-money thrillers that have followed. Any movie that can make future My Three Sons dad Fred MacMurray seem edgy and dangerous deserves your respect.

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