Amy Ryan
September 11, 2006 AT 02:00 PM EDT

[WARNING: Mild spoilers ahead]

Attention, Desperate Housewives stars and producers: Shut up already! How are we supposed to stay interested in the forthcoming third season if you all won’t stop leaking plot details? First there was creator Marc Cherry himself spilling the beans about the supermarket sweeps-month bloodbath. Last week came the leaked video of Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) broadening Bree’s (Marcia Cross) sexual horizons. This week, Eva Longoria and others dished out plenty of spoilers to EW in our current DH cover story. Finally, on the heels of Wednesday’s news of Cross’ real-life pregnancy, Longoria tells Access Hollywood that the baby bump will be written into the show, though Longoria said she didn’t know whether Orson or someone else would be the one to impregnate Bree. Seriously, what’s left to find out? (Let me guess: Edie’s really a man, bay-bee!)

To be fair, EW and PopWatch have aided and abetted all this spoilage, but we wouldn’t print it if they weren’t so eager to blab it. Plus, what else could they do except write in a Bree baby? The hiding-behind-sofas-and-potted-plants thing doesn’t really fool anyone. As the great philosopher Shakira once said, hips don’t lie.

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