Whitney Pastorek
September 12, 2006 AT 11:49 PM EDT

So, it’s that time of the day in the EW offices when thoughts naturally turn to Brad Pitt. It’s been a long road for the Missouri golden boy — he started as shirtless chick-bait in Thelma and Louise, achieved hairy-dreamboat status in Legends of the Fall, went dark for Fight Club, and now seems happy floating on the velvet cloud that is the Ocean’s Whatever Number We’re On, Does It Really Matter? Look How Attractive And Witty All My Friends Are franchise while simultaneously riding a lot of motorcycles and trying to change the world, especially the world’s curious ability to ignore the ongoing wreckage of post-Katrina New Orleans.

It’s hard not to applaud the journey within his personal life as well: From an early fling with Juliette Lewis, through the preppyland perfection of his relationship with Gwyneth, to the blond-streaked golden years with Jen, he maintained a unique ability to look exactly like whomever he was dating at the time; now, of course, he’s made a fascinating multi-ethnic family with Angelina Jolie, mother of a thousand nations. It’s sweet. He’s happy.

So happy, in fact, that in the October issue of Esquire, he says he won’t marry Angelina Jolie until– well, let him say it: “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” By “everyone else” he means “gay people.” And by saying that, he has taken a powerful and potentially controversial stand (and effectively made US Weekly into the nation’s biggest supporter of gay marriage, because you just know they were banking on that cover story to make their third-quarter budget in 2007).

It’s an interesting theory, although not a new one — the women’s studies major and her filmmaker boyfriend who hang out at your neighborhood bohemian bar have probably been heard professing a similar vow of no-marriage-until-equality for years now — and it’s got me thinking: What other celebrity couples would we like to see remain unmarried?  (You’ll recall that Charlize Theron made a similar statement a few years ago.) Personally I’m voting for David Spade and Heather Locklear. You?  And do you think the protests of a dreamboat actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador can change the state of gay rights in America?

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