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September 12, 2006 AT 05:14 AM EDT

Okay, PopWatch Confession time: The blogfather has had a busy week or so, and as a result, his memory is failing. I totally forgot to give you the answer to last week’s HeadScratcher! Can you believe it? What a maroon I am! So I’ll take care of this week’s answer first and then last week’s answer will follow after the jump. Thanks to loyal PopWatchers Ned Frey, Vicki Ebberts, Tommy Marx, Tianne Haines, Jon Delfin, and the good Dr. XYP, Jr. (you know who you are!) for setting my listing ship right, alerting me to my inexcusable omission.

So… what do Abigail Breslin, Adrien Brody, David Duchovny, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Julianne Moore have in common? They all appeared on The View last week. Call us obsessed, but, much to our surprise, we were really happy to see Rosie O’Donnell return to daytime TV, and we were really happy to see her work her magic on the aforementioned list of actors. (We almost included Jessica Simpson, pictured, but Gary wouldn’t let me because, he said, “she’s not really an actor.” Eow! Bowl of milk to the Susman table!

(Many smarty-pants, much hand-wringing, and copious forgiveness-begging follows after the jump…)

addCredit(“The View: Steve Fenn”)

These folks likes them some Rosie!
Mandy Brown
Justin Castillo
Jenn Chao
Connie L. Chilton
Nate Divy
Margaret Ernsberger
Heidi Geib
Tanner Glaves
Dyan Glazer
Tianne Haines
Tiffany McCarthy
Michael F. Osborne
Chris Parcels
Robyn Schauweker
Wendy Swiggett
Sunny Trauth
and of course…
Patrick A. Yearout

And now, on to recitfying last week’s wrong: I sincerely apologizefor forgetting to post this last Tuesday. You see, the blogfatherchanged addresses over Labor Day weekend, so I’ve been a littledistracted. Among other things, unpacking all those “mystery boxes” hastaken a little longer than I intended.

As it turns out, only ONE of you — yes, ONE! — got the answer tolast week’s HeadScratcher, which, I admit, was a little obscure. PervyPopWatcher Brian Brostek (who I hope is a Sox fan) knew that the bandsin question — Daft Punk, the Foo Fighters, Keane, Massive Attack, andPortishead — all had one of their songs featured in a Victoria’sSecret television ad. (Shame that I forgot to post this, because I hada killer image of Bob Dylan and VS model Adriana Lima all ready to go.Oh, okay, here it is…)

Anything in the service of journalism!

So on this matter, bragging rights belong to Brian and to Brianalone. Who will knock him off Superiority Mountain? Come back Fridayand see; it might be you.

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