Whitney Pastorek
September 12, 2006 AT 08:11 PM EDT

In case you weren’t glued to the morning shows like I was today, you might have missed the fact that Super Jeopardy Mormon Winner Guy Ken Jennings’ book, Braniac,comes out today. Wheee! It’s an examination of trivia in Americatoday, and our own Ken Tucker gave it a B+. But wait: Lest you thinkeverything is all puppies and jelly beans, think again. Three daysago, Jennings used his blog to launch the first salvo in what is sureto be a rapidly escalating war of bon mots between the two smartestKens on the planet. Says Jennings: “My copy of EWshowed up in the mail yesterday so I got to wave my B+ proudly aroundthe room. (Though I gotta say: Ken Tucker, I love you as a music and TVreviewer, but if a few measly pages on Thomas Edison’s love of triviais enough to bore you, you might want to stay far, far away from bookrevewing.)” Ooh, snap! It is on!Unless, of course, Tucker is too busy to respond, in which case Ipredict this will be the shortest Battle of the Brilliants! Stay tuned!

Also, in honor of Jennings, here is atrivia question that my friend Fred asked me the other day. Firstperson to post the correct answer gets my undying respect andadmiration, as well as a cookie, should we ever meet in person. No fair Googling. And remember to phrase your answer in the form of a question.

The only American band to reach #1 in the U.K. in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s.

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