Whitney Pastorek
September 14, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

As you’re gearing up for fall TV and coming across thoseplaces where you realize that even with a DVR and VCR recordingsimultaneously there is still quite frankly no way you are going to beable to watch Survivor, Ugly Betty, The Office, and Smallville… take adeep breath, and know that help is on the way: All the networks nowhave plans to stream episodes of their shows right here on theinternets, in one way or another (no messy torrents required).You see, these people really, really want you to watch their televisionprograms; NBC is even offering live blogs with their showcreators/producers for every single series premiere.  And thus I willnow totally rip off my buddies over at Deadspin and present:

We Have To Ask …
(suggested questions for NBC’s fall TV chatters)

• Monday, Sept. 18. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with creator AaronSorkin: Are there any medications you might recommend to help meovercome my debilitating fear of Howie Mandel?

• Wednesday, Sept. 20. Kidnapped with creator Jason Smilovic: I’m sorry… which show are you again?

• Thursday, Sept. 21. The Office with exec producer Greg Daniels: Hi! Longtime listener, first time caller, love the show — do you perchance havean IM or cell phone number for John Krasinski?

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