Lynette Rice
September 15, 2006 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The TV season doesn’t officially start until Sept. 18, but some shows already look DOA. Like the grim reaper, we predict who will croak first.

Big Day (ABC)
THE PLOT Wendie Malick’s daughter is married, 24-style, over the course of an entire season. WHY IT’LL DIE Day was already moved to November, where it’ll likely get creamed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays — unless, of course, it’s bumped again. ODDS IT’S FIRST 15 to 1

Happy Hour (Fox)
THE PLOT Suddenly single dude (John Sloan) bunks with party boy (Lex Medlin) in this Odd Couple-esque walking corpse. WHY IT’LL DIE If viewers wanted a comedy about a somnambulant bachelor, they’d look for reruns of The Single Guy. ODDS IT’S FIRST 2 to 1

Vanished (Fox)
THE PLOT FBI kidnapping experts (Ming-Na and Gale Harold) must locate the missing wife of a senator. WHY IT’LL DIE The drama’s floundered in the post-Prison Break time slot. And with that title, it’s begging for the early ax. ODDS IT’S FIRST 5 to 2

Jericho (CBS)
THE PLOT An estranged son (Skeet Ulrich) returns home to see his surroundings blown to smithereens by a nuclear holocaust. WHY IT’LL DIE Ulrich may be killer, but his encounter with Dancing With the Stars will likely prove fatal. ODDS IT’S FIRST 8 to 1

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