Whitney Pastorek
September 19, 2006 AT 06:35 PM EDT

Many of us wasted away our Sunday night by watching the final hours of programming on the former Duba-Duba-WB; the network, which merges with UPN tomorrow night to form The CW (pronounced “Kwuh”), obliged us by running the pilots of its most popular series.

While that brought back the memories (and reminded me that I really should have been doing my laundry, since I own all those shows on DVD anyway and can watch them whenever I please, without commercial interruption), for nostalgia purposes, nothing can top this old WB promo, featuring an assortment of the netlet’s stars cavorting in an abandoned soundstage and occasionally rolling around on a giant picture of James Van Der Beek’s head.  No, for real.

We’re taking a survey to determine the very best moment in the clip, so please respond with one of the following choices, or suggest your own:

1. Infamously somewhat-challenging-to-work-with actresses Shannen Doherty and Sarah Michelle Gellar standing serenely together

2. Katie Holmes running rapturously across the room to embrace 7th Heaven‘s Barry Watson, for no apparent reason

3. Buffy‘s Nicholas Brendon trying to put on a sexy face

4. Any one of the 43 moments in which you have no idea who that person is or what show they were on

We’ll miss you, WB. You always did make the very best in emotionally self-destructive television.

And remember, PopWatchers: a new era begins tomorrow night with The Kwuh’s premiere of America’s Next Top Model. I’ll be doing the TV Watch on that sucker (at least until The Apprentice returns to ruin my life all over again), so stay tuned…

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