Whitney Pastorek
September 20, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

That crazy Madonna. If she’s not pissing off the Catholics, she’s… well, she’s pissing off the Russian Orthodox Church. Her current “Confessions” tour made waves in America (including the cover of the never-reactionary New York Post) for the cheery little number where she crucifies herself on some sort of disco cross while singing “Live to Tell,” but she didn’t really get the blasphemy chants going until she hit Europe.

Now, NBC is reconsidering whether or not it’s a good idea to run the “Live to Tell” bit during its upcoming prime-time Madonna concert special. That’s their right as a network in this post-Janet world, I suppose, but still, it’s fair to ask: Did NBC forget that its Madonna concert special was a Madonna concert special? Did they think she would be frolicking with puppies under a sky full of pink fluffy clouds that spell out “Jesus Loves Me”?  And how will this kerfuffle affect ABC’s “GWAR: The Truth Behind the Bestiality” sweeps event?

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