Cathy's Book

Genre: Fiction; Author: Sean Stewart, Jordan Weisman; Publisher: Running Press

Cathy’s Book by Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman boasts interactive stuff like working cell numbers, websites, CoverGirl product placement, and…whatever. It’s just a good read. The concept: Artsy high schooler Cathy has left this diary for her BFF, Emma, in case something happens to her as she investigates why her older boyfriend dumped her. No, she’s not over-reacting; he’s involved in secret genetic testing, his lab co-worker’s murder, and an ancient Chinese myth come to life. Cathy’s struggles with school, romance, and intrigue recall geek heroines like Veronica Mars. If we gotta wade through extraneous URLs to get to her, so be it.

Originally posted September 22 2006 — 12:00 AM EDT

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