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September 22, 2006 AT 04:00 AM EDT

There was nary a rosette in sight when the three finalists (and one fourth runner-up — a decoy — who hadn’t yet been auf Wiedersehen’d when EW went to press) from Bravo’s Project Runway unveiled their collections at New York’s Olympus Fashion Week on Sept. 15. Our own fashionable panel of judges — Leah Greenblatt, Tim Stack, and Margeaux Watson — offer an early critique of what you’ll see when the finale airs on Oct. 18.

The seeming front-runner presented a ”street safari” rife with bold colors, miles of linen, and a lithe lineup of sexy (or were they tawdry?) silhouettes.

LG Um, I think I saw that minidress last week at Wet Seal. Or maybe Video Ho’s ”R” Us. What happened?

TS Tacky and disappointing. He spun trash into sartorial gold on the show, but he floundered when given decent materials in real life.

MW Too much hoochie gear made for a hip-hop video model. Or Danity Kane.

The most feminine collection of the bunch. Her signature flowing gowns featured colorful animal patterns, and she utilized metallic solids to dramatic and daring effect.

LG Her Miami vice — the twirly tropical dress —was still in effect. But the silver was adorable, and a rest for our pattern-fatigued eyeballs.

TS She didn’t stretch much, but the fit and flow of the pieces were stunning.

MW An unexpected treat. The gold-and-silver combos are fierce, and I’m thrilled that she used subtler prints.

Inspired by the art book Japanese Ghosts & Demons, he wowed with a striking, modern collection that softened his rock & roll edges — almost.

LG A banging mix of pretty prints and girlish romanticism. Put a turtleneck on him, and I would almost marry the man.

TS That striped blazer paired with a sequined top and skinny pants has Mischa Barton’s name all over it.

MW Original, modern, diverse yet cohesive — the strongest collection.

Life for Laura is one big cocktail party: Her show was heavy on beads, flapper fringe, Empire waists, and plenty of plumage.

LG This lady pops out spangled evening wear like she pops out kids. Some say gaudy. We say good effort.

TS Does pregnancy cause color blindness? If not, Laura has a bright future designing for Kmart’s Jaclyn Smith Collection.

MW Kayne called. He wants his Bedazzler back. And those feathers? Cuckoo!

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